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  • Our Vision

    At iShoonya, we've set our sights on revolutionizing the way talented individuals and companies connect, making the process faster, more cost-effective, and more comprehensive through the power of AI-assisted recruiting and job matching. Our mission is to elevate workplace satisfaction and retention by redefining the recruitment landscape.
  • Why iShoonya?

    We founded iShoonya with a simple belief: Finding the perfect fit for your company or the ideal job for a talented individual should be a breeze, not a burden. We like to call it "AI-assisted recruiting."

    Our cutting-edge AI tools streamline the process of sourcing and selecting candidates for specific roles and assignments, all while eliminating human biases and the countless hours typically spent in traditional headhunting. Simultaneously, we enhance the caliber of candidates chosen and share the benefits with our client companies. We become a strategic partner, enabling our clients to focus on inspiring and motivating their existing workforce.

  • The Power of AI

    AI excels in scalability, speed, and impartial decision-making. It evaluates candidates based on the criteria defined in the job description, ensuring a tailored approach to each unique situation. At iShoonya, we leverage AI where its strengths shine, complementing it with human expertise where it adds value. We meticulously review the candidate selections made by our AI and fine-tune the algorithm to ensure continuous improvement. Our commitment is to deliver the most exceptional candidates to our clients, backed by our AI-generated candidate feedback report.
  • Our Values

    At iShoonya, we hold Innovation, integrity, team spirit and client-centric approach as the cornerstones of our operation, driving us to achieve excellence in every facet of our mission.