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Morten Hostrup


candidate position fit

Age: 43
Nationality: Danish (DK)
Notice period: Three months
Salary range: XX M-XX M CNY Gross annually

Candidate Fit & Conclusion

  • Track Record (90%):Proven success in senior leadership roles and deep understanding of Nordic and Chinese business environments underline high competence and adaptability.
  • Skillset (85%): Expertise in negotiation, project management, and crisis handling showcases readiness for complex tasks vital to the role.
  • Personality (75%): Strong leadership, resilience, and problem-solving traits suggest effective navigation in high-pressure situations.
The candidate in question would be an 83% match for this position. Their extensive experience in senior leadership roles, coupled with specific knowledge of both Nordic and Chinese business environments, are significant assets. Moreover, the candidate's proven skills in negotiation, project management, and crisis handling strongly align with the role's requirements.

Candidate cv excerpt

Division Director, ISS China - Led profitable division, 8-10 direct reports, 2000 people in division, facilitated COVID-19 operations.
Managing Director, Maersk Container Industry - Oversaw factory, achieved zero incidents, executed closure.
Deputy Managing Director, Maersk Container Industry - Led multiple functions, optimized supplier development, negotiated contracts.
Personal Assistant to Group CEO, Maersk Container Industry - Assisted in strategy, board activities, and projects.
Head of HR & Administration, Maersk Container Industry - Managed crises, conducted downsizing and expansion.
HR General Manager, Maersk Container - Led downsizing, implemented talent management program.

Skill Match Excerpt

Main IDENTIFIED Requirements

Senior Leadership with Extensive Experience in Construction and China/Asia
Stakeholder Management and Contract Negotiation Skills
Understanding of Nordic Management Philosophies and Aquaculture Industry
Advanced Degree in Relevant Discipline with Strong Business Acumen
Entrepreneurial Mindset and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Skills

Main Gaps (none is best)

Few – Reason: Lack of construction experience.
None - Reason: Proven skills
Some - Reason: No aquaculture experience.
None - Reason: MBA from INSEAD.
Some - Reason: Introversion, loner preference.

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Full Skill Match
Full Personality Match
Colour Description

full resume

Full Skill match

The candidate's track record demonstrates considerable experience in managing large teams and projects, as well as familiarity with both Nordic and Chinese business environments. The person also shows excellent skills in negotiation, project management, and crisis handling, all of which are crucial for the Project Director role at Nordic Aqua.  
Breakdown of the fit for the role based on the experience and qualifications outlined:   
1. Senior executive experience: The candidate's previous positions as Division Director, Managing Director, and Deputy Managing Director indicate the person has the necessary senior leadership experience. This is a strong match - around 90%.   
2. Experience in China: The candidate's considerable experience in China is a strong advantage, as the position requires an understanding of the Chinese business environment, culture, and regulations. This is also a strong match - about 90%.   
3. Project and contract management: The candidate has demonstrated skills in negotiating contracts, overseeing large projects, and leading efficiency efforts. However, it is not entirely clear if the candidate has led complex construction projects, which could be elaborated at an interview. Therefore, this is estimated at a 70% match.   
4. Industry knowledge: The candidate's experience seems to be primarily in the container and service industries rather than the aquaculture industry. Though the person has undoubtedly garnered invaluable business and management experience, industry-specific knowledge might be lacking. For this aspect, around a 60% match.   
5. Nordic experience: The candidate has experience working in Denmark, which should provide some familiarity with Nordic management philosophies as required by the job description. This is a solid match around 85%.   
6. Educational qualification: The candidate has an MBA from INSEAD, a top global business school, which meets the requirement for an advanced degree in a relevant discipline. This would be a 100% match.   
Overall, based on the information provided, it’s estimated that the candidate's qualifications and experience could potentially match about 80-85% of the job's requirements. Additionally, elements such as personal characteristics, leadership style, and communication skills, which are more challenging to quantify, will also be important considerations for this role.

full personality match

1. Leadership: The candidate has demonstrated strong leadership capabilities and preferences, which align well with the requirements of the Project Director role at Nordic Aqua, which requires someone comfortable leading and directing others, making strategic decisions, and providing leadership to project managers. This would be a strong match - about 95%.    
2. Organizing: The candidate's preference for planning ahead, maintaining structure, and high attention to detail also match well with the responsibilities of the role, which involve overseeing project planning, coordinating various activities, and ensuring project quality. This would also be a strong match - around 90%.    
3. Drive: The Project Director role requires someone ambitious, who can set strategies, build relationships with key stakeholders, and meet project objectives. The candidate's trait of being driven, ambitious, and liking to win aligns with this requirement. However, it's unclear if the candidate's preference for busyness aligns with the possible need for patient negotiation and the ability to deal with delays that can occur in construction projects. Therefore, the match on this trait is about 80%.    
4. Resilience: The candidate's resilience, optimism, and stress management skills will likely be valuable in dealing with the inevitable challenges and setbacks that can occur in large construction projects. This would be a strong match - about 95%.    
5. Capability: The candidate's capability in solving both abstract and verbal problems is important for a role that will likely involve addressing various unexpected issues that can occur in construction projects. This would be a strong match - about 90%.    
Growth opportunities:    
1. Team Player: The role requires building productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders and providing leadership to project managers, which may be challenging for someone who prefers to work alone. While the candidate may be able to work effectively in this role despite this preference, this trait may pose a challenge - a match of about 60%.    
2. Outgoing: The role involves meeting with clients, stakeholders, and project managers to report on project progress, and requires someone who can confidently communicate and negotiate. If the candidate is uncomfortable speaking with groups of people or becomes nervous in social settings, this may also pose a challenge. This trait might present a match of about 60%.    
In conclusion, while the candidate has a strong match on several key traits needed for the Project Director role at Nordic Aqua, the areas identified for growth could present challenges. The ability to work effectively in a team and to confidently communicate and negotiate are important aspects of the role. The candidate may need to focus on developing skills in these areas in order to be successful in this role. The overall match, considering these personality traits, might be about 70-75%.

Overall Color description

  • 75% to 100% - Good Strong Match – interviews will be deciding factor, it’s a clear match on paper.
  • 50% to 75% - Close to Match – interviews plays a significant role, new candidate should be presented.
  • 0% - 50 – No Match – No reason for interview, not a recommended candidate. (Customer may override this)